Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (2018)

Shot in Glasgow, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes is a story full of glitches in time, overlaps, and traces left behind.
A visual tale of sex and magic, the films de-structured narrative winds through visions of chem-sex, a coven of male witches, the desecration of body and property, and a ‘vase in ass’ sex magic ritual where the rectum is an altar.

Including footage from: a collaboration with filmmaker Lasse Långström during the 2017 Scottish Queer International Film Festival, home videos, sex tapes, fashion montages, supernatural occurences.

Premiered at SQIFF 2018 in Glasgow, December 2018.

Scottish Queer International Film Festival (2018), Glasgow.

Robert + Dylan (2017)

Robert + Dylan was the first film undertaken by the Glasgow School of Art Pornography Society in 2015. In collaboration with actor and playwright Robert Softley Gale, the film was created through discussions on representing disabled bodies in pornography. Shot on location at The Arches, Glasgow.

Versions of the film have been screened at:

London Porn Film Festival (2019), London
MIX LGBTQ Film Festival (2018), Copenhagen.
Berlin Porn Film Festival (2018), Berlin.
Vienna Porn Film Festival (2018), Vienna.
Scottish Queer International Film Festival (2017), Glasgow.