A/W 1993

-I’m sure you’re tired, so am I.

This one’s about the experience of a passing train. The erotic insistence of this huge steel machine thundering past you carrying passengers, cargo, onwards and elsewhere; but not you. The drumming of the pistons you can feel on your chest and vibrating through your bones that reminds you of the fear and excitement from street carnivals and parade drummers as a child. The urge to chase this black beauty, or more honestly to race it, to hurl yourself into its path.

It’s supposed to be that anyway.

An expression of an experience of transience that brings your entire self to rubble in a dark flash. Ruptures the familiar journey you’ve made on the same road a thousand times without question. Splinters your composure for an instant. The first time you hear operatic singing, an orchestral piece, or the wailing of an Arabic prayer.-

Original photograph by Drahotin Sulla, Crossing, 1920.